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i heard elderly people with diabetes are more likely to break bones

walking in a crowd, six out of ten elderly people are at risk for diabetes. nowadays, diabetes has become the most common disease among the elderly. studies have shown that women with diabetes have an increased risk of fractures. in men, however, the relationship between diabetes and fracture risk is unclear.

for a time, the grandfathers in the diabetes specialized hospital, start road, were happier than their grandmothers, and did not go to see if there were any small stones on the roadside. unfortunately, the grandfathers were not happy for long.

a professor at the university of biomedical sciences in rome, italy, and his team studied osteoporotic fractures in men for many years. they recruited 5,994 grandfathers in their 60s, 881 with a history of diabetes and 80 with insulin.

after more than 9 years of follow-up, questionnaires were conducted 3 times a year on average to assess whether patients had non-vertebral fractures. finally, all the data collected will be studied. finally, it paid off, and came to a conclusion:

there was an increased risk of non-vertebral fractures in diabetic patients, and an increased risk of non-vertebral fractures in diabetic men treated with insulin.

anxin medical advice for elderly patients, if there is a history of diabetes, to strict quantitative diet, to prevent increased blood sugar, prevent serious osteoporosis. never pay attention to safety, do not be careless. if you accidentally break a bone, stay where you are and wait for emergency personnel to arrive. and told them to choose the medical polymer bandage for the fixation after the reduction. postoperative to adhere to certain functional exercise, to prevent muscle adhesion.