the total area of ansen medical office building is 6340.2㎡, research and development center is cover 1,000㎡, consists of casting tape and splint r&d center and precision machinery research center.casting tape and splint r&d center is engaged in the research and development of medical polymer materials and new environmental protection composite materials.

the team is formed of abundant experts of professors,phds and masters in chemistry who studied abroad,and has undertaken many scientific research projects including  the national natural science foundation of china.

in addition, center keeps close cooperation with 3m, domestic universities and other research institutions, many experts and professors are engaged to serve as long-term consultants in the research center.the center also possessed many independent intellectual property rights.

precision machinery research center is a research center that specializes in research, development and manufacturing of precision medical equipment. the center has always been committed to the research and development of high speed precision medical equipment in a responsible attitude for users.relying on institutes of optics, fine mechanics and physics, chinese academy of sciences, xi'an opto-mechanics institute, xi'an jiaotong university and other scientific research institutes, through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, combined  domestic actual conditions,  pmrc has ensured that all performance indicators of the products have reached or exceeded the advanced level of international similar products.


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