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how is open fracture treated

usually we will be in the fracture, combined with the coverage of the fracture site of the skin and subcutaneous soft tissue injury fracture, fracture end and the outside of the same fracture called open fracture. open fracture is faced with commonly the place that suffer an injury is broken, its difficulty rises relatively bigger also, so, how should open fracture be dealt with after all?

first, the treatment of open fractures to debridement, that is, to clean up the affected area. the fresh open fracture wound in the early stage after injury (within 8 hours), debridement should be implemented as soon as possible, to completely remove the deactivated tissue and foreign bodies that contaminate the wound surface, and close the wound to prevent infection. therefore, efforts must be made to perform debridement and closure within 6 to 8 hours. when suturing, attention should be paid to whether the wound has tension, the skin defect is small, and the wound can be sutured directly without tension. phase i closed wound must be carried out without tension, and it must not be forced to be closed directly. otherwise, the internal tension of wound will increase and blood supply will be affected, resulting in ischemic necrosis of skin edge and deep tissue, increasing the risk of infection.

secondly, effective fracture fixation must be carried out as soon as possible for open fractures, so as to minimize the re-injury to the skin tissue. external fixation can be used for patients with simple external fixation for effective treatment. the choice of external fixation products should also be relatively cautious, because the skin epidermis has been injured, irritant big, strong closure of external fixation products for the injured skin can be said to be worse. at present, the external fixation products mainly include gypsum and polymer splint. but plaster irritant is big, permeability is poor, affect seriously the recovery of the wound. when choosing external fixative product so, had better choose high polymer splint, its permeability is strong, comfortable and light, have extremely strong transmission sex and waterproof sex, have profit greatly to the recovery of fracture place.

finally, antibiotics are also essential in the treatment of open fractures. medication must be used as soon as possible. local high-concentration antibiotics have certain effects on the inhibition of bacteria or sterilization.

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