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anxin high polymer bandage has good quality and excellent quality

high polymer bandage is made of a kind of non-toxic and harmless synthetic high polymer material to human body. the base material of bandage is synthetic fiber fabric, and the surface is soaked with polyurethane material. thus, complications caused by humidity can be effectively avoided. due to the special material, the strength of polymer bandages is hard. when winding and fixing, only two or three layers are needed for non-supporting parts, and only four or six layers are needed for supporting parts. therefore, even in hot summer or cold winter, dressing will not be affected after fixing with polymer bandages.

macromolecular bandage is small in weight and light in weight, which is only one fifth of the weight and one quarter of the thickness of plaster bandage, obviously alleviating the pain of patients. at the same time, the polymer bandage has a network structure, with porous surface and good air permeability after plasticity, so it will not produce inflammation or allergic reaction. the polymer bandage after curing is not afraid of water or sweat erosion, even if it is soaked for a long time, the strength remains the same, the patient can still have a bath or physical therapy during the dressing; after fixation with polymer bandage, due to its good fluoroscopy and transmissibility, it can be directly used for fluoroscopy or photography, without increasing the photographic conditions, and the photographic head image is still clearly visible.

for doctors, the simple and convenient operation of polymer bandages is also conducive to clinical nursing and hygienic cleaning, far ahead of the performance of traditional plaster bandages.