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how should the tension sex blisters after fracture deal with

in surgical wards, we often see patients with fractures, black blisters on their legs or arms. it looks terrible, just like the blister after boiling water appears, but the color is different, the area is very large, as if to burst.

it was a disturbing situation. according to anxin medical introduction, academically, the blisters are called tension blisters. if you stay in orthopedics for a while, you'll find that this is quite common. often be fracture circumstance achieves operation to point to a sign, but blister happens to be in fracture commonly upper part, let a person make an operation smoothly hard.

you know, the area that was injured was already very fragile, plus this high packing, high pressure blister. once opened, the skin heals much more slowly, and because blisters are larger, the risk of infection is greatly increased.

at this time, often have a patient to ask, since delimit directly to fear to have an effect, you won't avoid it again operation? the doctor wanted to do the same, but unfortunately. the human body is not bread, cut as you like. any place, it has specific blood vessels and nerve lines, which cannot be destroyed at will. each knife, each step, is after a long period of experiment and continuous accumulation, the theoretical practice.

so after a fracture, how do we minimize this tension blister? anxin medicine reminds you that you must elevate the affected limb so that the injured area is above the level of the heart. continue ice compress for 48 hours after injury. do not apply hot compresses or rub. use polymer bandage splint to fix the fracture in time. if you cannot operate immediately, at least temporarily fix the fracture site. macromolecular bandage splint can effectively prevent the dislocation and displacement between fracture ends, reduce bleeding and exudation increase, and reduce the possibility of swelling.