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anxin medicine introduces you to the secrets of medical polymer materials

medical polymer materials for the first time into the line of sight of people in 1949, is the first published the prospect of medical polymer materials, for the first time introduced the use of poly (methyl methacrylate as a person's skull, joint and femoral, using polyamide as the clinical application of surgical suture, since then, usher in rapid development of medical polymer materials, is widely used in various medical field gradually.

as a kind of polymer material, medical polymer is widely used in: 1. materials that do not come into direct contact with organisms, such as plasma bag, blood transfusion and transfusion equipment, syringe, operating room supplies, etc.; 2. two, with human skin. mucous membrane contact material, such as surgical gloves. anesthetic supplies, medical supplies, bandages, etc.; third, long-term implantation of human body materials. such as artificial blood vessels, artificial valves, artificial bones, artificial trachea and so on; pharmaceutical polymers, mainly including macromolecular drugs and pharmaceutical polymers.

commonly used medical polymer materials mainly include silicone rubber, polylactic acid and polyurethane. the following is a brief introduction of polyurethane materials. polyurethane refers to the polymer containing carbamate ester group on the main chain of polymer, pu for short, which is made by isocyanate and hydroxyl group or amino compound through gradual polymerization reaction, and its molecular chain is composed of soft segment and hard segment. one of the main physical structure characteristics of polyurethane is the microphase separation structure. polyurethane material has different surface free energy distribution states, improves the adsorption capacity of the material to serum protein, inhibits platelet adhesion, and has good biocompatibility and blood compatibility.

shaanxi essence of medicine research and development, production of polymer bandage plywood is made of glass fiber cloth dipped in polyurethane polymer materials, because the pu material has the characteristics of fast curing speed, hardness is strong, and with its as raw materials made of polymer bandage splint also has the same characteristics, in addition, the polymer bandage splint also has the advantage of light quality, permeability is strong, strong sex transmission, and the advantages of no teratogenic effect, beautiful appearance, doctor not only convenient for operation, but also helpful for orthopaedic patients recovery.