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dietary considerations during fracture recovery

in order to help fracture patients recover as soon as possible, in addition to functional reduction, and then use anxin polymer bandage splint for fixation, but also to pay attention to their own eating habits. especially in the recovery of fracture should pay more attention to, so as not to cause sequelae. what does the food notice of that common fracture have? here we talk about common fracture diet precautions.

in general, the common dietary precautions for fractures are:

fracture patient often defecate secret knot, lie in bed patient sees more. fracture diet appropriate eats the vegetable that contains cellulose much more, eat some bananas, honey to wait for stimulative defecate food. achieve nutrition is rich, color, sweet, taste is good, can stimulate appetite. the arm movement inconvenience wants to feed. fracture diet should eat a few chili, tomato, amaranth, green vegetables, cabbage, radish and other vitamin c rich vegetables, to promote callus growth and wound healing. according to research, fracture diet may need to supplement zinc, iron, manganese and other trace elements.