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new year's address of anxin medicine in 2019

dear colleagues and friends:

hello everyone!

time flies! we are going to say goodbye to the unforgettable and brilliant 2018 and enter a brand new 2019 with a vision of a better future. on behalf of anxin medicine, i would like to extend my warmest greetings, heartfelt thanks and best wishes for the new year to all colleagues and family members, customers and friends.

2018 is a plain and extraordinary year for anxin medicine. this year is not only the critical period for anxin medical science to climb over hills and rolling stones, but also the leap-forward development period of its growing potential and growing thick and thin. in 2018, the company officially relocated to the new factory area. the bailuyuan production base covers an area of 30,000 square meters, and the modern chemical plant with an annual design output of more than 10 million bags was put into operation. in 2018, the sales department set a new record, the domestic market was further broadened, the overseas market was reported frequently, the sales volume achieved "11 consecutive increases", the sales performance reached a new high, and the market share of products ranked the leading position in the industry. in 2018, the company's management level has reached a new level, the management system has become more perfect, the document system has been constantly improved, sop construction has been promoted in an orderly manner, innovative conferences and brainstorming have been carried out in a solid manner, new ideas and new ideas have led new ways and innovations, and the talent echelon construction, performance appraisal and training system has been effectively carried out and continuously optimized. in 2018, the r&d center of the company has made great achievements, the second generation of new polymer products are put into the market, a number of patent applications have been approved, medical power system tools have been formed and put into production, and the construction of high-tech enterprises has embarked on a new journey. in 2018, the company attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility, actively responds to the call of the state, the factory is equipped with a full set of environmental protection equipment, the company applies for the establishment of party branches and trade unions, has been approved enterprises above the national scale, and actively declares high-tech enterprises, enterprise development has entered a new stage.

the company's development and all the honors it has won are condensing the wisdom and sweat of all its employees, thanks to every employee and customer who trusts and supports anxin medical. looking back on 2018, we are very gratified. looking forward to 2019, we are full of pride.

2019 is the beginning year of anxin medical science from high-speed development to compact development. from the basic year of management to the strengthening year of management, opportunities and challenges coexist, difficulties and honors coexist. i believe that all the colleagues of anxin medical science will be able to overcome all kinds of difficulties and risks on the road of development by working together. i believe that all colleagues of anxin medical company will open roads in every hill, build bridges in water, roll up their sleeves to refuel, and will continue to write a new chapter of development with anxin medical characteristics!