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after fracture need not worry, an xin medicine handles it for you

xin polymer bandages and splints are developed and produced by shaanxi anxin medical technology development co., ltd. product uses the south korean imports of raw materials, germany imported equipment, production technology and the introduction of the united states, use is a comfortable, easy to operate a new type of orthopaedic consumables, with its safe environmental protection, waterproof and breathable, light solid, clear transmission, good shape, color, variety, complete specifications of significant advantages, perfect replacement for traditional gypsum products.

anxin macromolecular bandage splint not only has obvious advantages, but also is flexible and easy to operate, which is very suitable for clinical application. the specific operation methods are as follows:

polymer bandage:

(1) wear medical gloves and choose the appropriate size according to the injured part.

(2) cover the injured area with cotton.

(3) remove bandages, soak them in room temperature water for 3 ~ 4 seconds, and squeeze them 2 ~ 3 times to remove excess water.

(4) spiral wound the bandage at the affected area, and press 1/2 ~ 2/3 of the width of the bandage in each circle. shape the bandage according to the needs after winding, so that it can be tightly combined and the surface is smooth.

polymer splint:

(1) wear medical gloves and select the appropriate model according to the injured part.

(2) remove the plywood, in the normal temperature water (around 27 ℃) for 3 ~ 5 seconds, the 2 ~ 3 times at the same time, to make it even absorb the moisture.

(3) remove excess water and apply it to the affected area, and wrap it with gauze bandage or elastic bandage for fixation.

such a simple move, that is to learn will; anxin high polymer bandage splint, let you face fracture injury calmly, return your health as soon as possible!