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strengthening the construction of talent echelon to facilitate the rapid development of anxin

what is the most expensive thing in the 21st century? talent is the most expensive, the most lack of enterprise development is talent, modern enterprise competition is actually talent competition, talent as the core competitiveness of enterprise development, have talent has the capital to compete. anxin medical science has always adhered to the employment concept of "seeking talents with utmost sincerity and even making the best use of talents". it attracts talents with sincere attitude and improves the employment mechanism to make the best use of talents and make the best use of talents.

with the company's further development and expansion, talent has become the decisive factor for the company to take off by leaps and bounds. the historical experience shows that talent external recruitment is only a supplementary means, the company's internal talent training mechanism is the best talent breeding way, talent echelon construction not only ensures that the company always has talent available, but also prevents the company from talent fault phenomenon, which lays a strong foundation for the company's sustainable development.

anxin medical managers believe: "the essence of talent echelon construction is to establish a dynamic, routine operation of talent inspection, selection, training, elimination, use mechanism." in order to reserve outstanding management talents, the company has carried out relevant training of "document reading and modification meeting" internally. the training objects are reserve management talents and employees with postgraduate degrees. the training of "document reading and modification meeting" has trained a batch of outstanding management personnel who can think, write and do well, and further strengthened the construction of the company's talent team.

the company strengthens the construction of talent gradient, provides a broad development platform for talented employees, timely opens the construction of employee promotion channels, and provides brilliant development prospects for talented and ambitious employees. anxin medical values and cherishing talents. we believe that strengthening the construction of talent echelon and providing a platform for the development of talents will surely bring about the leapfrog development of the company.