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how does children fracture prevent and cure?

energetic, like to laugh and play, jumping and jumping, poor self-control, poor ability to identify and judge the dangers, is almost the characteristics of most babies. therefore, the baby fracture occurs from time to time. the vast majority of fractures in children do not require surgery, especially if they occur at the joints.

children fracture is caused by the following reasons, parents should pay more attention to at ordinary times, timely prevention and reasonable treatment.

1. chasing and fighting, falling down when running. most happening is in the place that the child is more, little guys chase each other, dozen make, play excited overmuch, complacent when hard to avoid can fall injury, can bring about the fracture of the place around forearm or elbow joint sometimes.

exercise hard. a lot of older babies like to play skateboard, roller skating, in high speed sports, a careless is easy to get hurt. in addition, accidentally falling while riding a bicycle is also one of the causes of fracture; there are also baby riding a bicycle, if not careful foot into the wheel, will also lead to fracture.

although the chances of falling from a high place are very small, it is the most dangerous situation in a city full of tall buildings. if parents have something to go out, leave the baby alone at home, the baby accidentally fell from the balcony, window, it will lead to casualties.

it can be seen that danger is everywhere in life. therefore, parents and friends usually want to give the baby more safety knowledge, education baby do not run everywhere, to pay attention to observe the environment, avoid obstacles and so on. play in the playground to pay attention to etiquette, do not play in the facilities. if your baby likes to play skateboard or roller skating, be sure to buy knee, elbow, helmet and other protective equipment; to buy a bicycle for a young baby, to buy safety devices such as auxiliary wheels; parents who often ride bikes to carry their babies are required to install internet covers on the rear wheels. do not leave the young baby alone at home, if there is an emergency, remember to lock all doors and windows in the home before going out.

if parents and friends do not do a good job in the above preventive work, then the author is here to teach you some simple first aid measures: immediately after the injury in situ rest, give the injured parts of the buffer time, do not press, reduce joint movement, prevent secondary injury; observe for skin breaking or swelling. if there is a wound, wash the wound with water first, then dip a cotton swab in the disinfectant to disinfect the wound, and finally cover the wound with sterile gauze; use gauze, even clean clothes, to fix the injured limbs of the baby, in case of emergency, can also use local materials; to the child, fracture can affect development very likely, must go to children hospital orthopedics sees a doctor after treating simply so. in case, had better prepare a few traumatic first aid appliance in advance in the home, for example: disinfection potion, high polymer bandage or splint wait.

macromolecular bandage splint is produced by anxin medical research and development. it is the perfect substitute for plaster bandage and can be used for external fixation of fracture. it is comfortable, safe and easy to operate. now the use on clinical practice also is more and more extensive, because this author suggests parents friends can try, can help the child recovers as soon as possible not only, still can avoid the a lot of trouble that make gesso.