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clinical application advantages of medical polymer splint are introduced

with the continuous development of modern orthopedics technology and the acceleration of the renewal of medical means, some new methods and treatments have emerged in the treatment of orthopedics diseases. among them, the external fixation device medical polymer splint has been widely used in orthopedics clinic. below, the author briefly introduces the clinical use of medical polymer splint several advantages, to help you better understand its function.

1. non-invasive fixation

clinical choosing reset incision surgery, sometimes due to the surgical operation reset stripping periosteum, if improper handling can lead to bone don't heal, the occurrence of complications such as osteonecrosis, and internal fixation after fracture healing will take out, no doubt on the original surgical trauma and added new trauma, macromolecule splint fixed just make up the defects of the operation, at the same time, it can achieve the effect of fracture fixation.

2. simple operation

the operation of medical polymer splint is simple, especially for the fixation treatment of tibia fracture, upper limb forearm fracture, etc. because of its flexible operation and good shape, the polymer splint is welcomed by the majority of primary hospitals and widely used.

3. conducive to recovery

because the fixed range that uses high polymer splint outside fixed is smaller than gesso bandage, do not include fracture commonly on, next joint, can promote the early function of wounded person to take exercise accordingly. splint fixation will not interfere with the longitudinal contraction of muscles, more conducive to the recovery of patients. when the patient's muscles contract, the fracture ends press against each other, which is conducive to fracture healing and can avoid the generation of disused muscular atrophy and osteoporosis caused by limited limb movement.

4. facilitate the examination and adjustment of doctors.

because the polymer splint is used to clamp the splint outside the limb with bandages to fix the fracture, it is very easy to adjust. if the patient during the fixed period of limb blood circulation problems or once the examination found that the fracture of the alignment is not good, the doctor can make timely adjustments to prevent more serious consequences!

in addition, polymer splint still has safe and comfortable, waterproof breathable, x ray transmission is clear wait for an advantage, perfect second kill plaster bandage. macromolecular splint has been widely used in clinical practice for many years. anxin medical is to absorb advanced experience and technology at home and abroad, professional commitment to the development and production of polymer bandage splint over the past decade. our products have won many national patents, passed the us fda and eu ce quality certification, and are exported to more than 40 countries overseas. therefore, the clinical advantages of anxin polymer splint are self-evident.