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gentlemen, the war drums of the expedition have been sounded

on the morning of october 18, anxin medical sales department held the pre-exhibition mobilization meeting of the 80th china international medical devices (autumn) exhibition in the company conference room. all the sales managers of the sales department (domestic and international business departments) participated in the exhibition, and the exhibitors from r&d and marketing departments participated in the meeting.

at the meeting, director juan, south china regional sales director of the ministry of domestic business, first read out the list of participants in the exhibition, and made detailed division of labor arrangements for related work during the exhibition. subsequently, director juan explained the matters needing attention and the management rules during the exhibition. it is emphasized that during the exhibition, all exhibitors should pay attention to personal safety, salesmen should show the spirit of anxinren, dress neatly, pay attention to etiquette, warmly receive interested customers, and do a good job in product publicity and explanation of the company.

finally, director-general liu, sales director, mobilized the exhibition. he pointed out that the exhibition was one of the two national heavyweight exhibitions held in the spring and autumn of each year. the number of exhibitors was huge, and the clients came from all over the world. the opportunities and challenges of participating in the exhibition coexisted with glory and hardship.

mr. liu stressed that all sales managers in the sales department should be prepared, confident and determined to keep 130% of their annual sales goals firmly in mind, to urge themselves at all times, to have the knowledge of "being diligent in idleness and playfulness" in the last three months, to maintain the spirit of "clinging to the green hills and not relaxing", and to stick to the initiative and never give up.

liu pointed out that participating in the exhibition is both an opportunity and a challenge for sales managers. i hope that all sales elites will seize the opportunity, overcome the difficulties and meet the challenges. it is emphasized that all the elites of the sales department should unite as one and unite as one, striving for a great harvest at this exhibition. gentlemen, the battle drums of the expedition have been sounded. hope to return with praise, and drink the celebration wine again!