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training idea

training concept (pass new knowledge and wisdom to staff to make them become great creator)

confucius said: ancient scholars learn for themselves, as well as modern scholars learn for others. learning not only benefits them, but also to benefit others. in today's era of knowledge economy, human resources will replace financial resources and become an important strategic resource.the motility behind business success is talent, and the key to success lies in personal knowledge; knowledge is more and more important, but also more fragile–because of depreciation rate increase and the update speed quickly. therefore, people must continue learning, training. business managers and entrepreneurs must pay high attention to employees' learning and training.

training is a high return on investment. the new knowledge and wisdom passed to staff so that each employee be an excellent creator which makes the company's philosophy, both to meet the requirements of the times, but also to meet the company's actual. as china's financial reform explorers, the companies not only to recognize talent, use talent, but also educate talent. thus, the company creates good training opportunities for employees outstanding career achievements lay a good foundation and the company is not only a benefit to employees, it is more the driving force to promote enterprise development.