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management concept

absorb the wisdom in a democratic way   unify will by scientific decision

regularize behavior by strict regimes     create efficiency by flexible mechanism

absorb the wisdom in a democratic way, focus on management participation, promote all ansen people contribute ideas and exert efforts for company development. it reflects on centripetal force of ansen people based on shared values.

unify will by scientific decision, emphasize on scientific decision, promote all ansen people to establish concept each employee is legal person firmly. it reflects on cohesion based on this concept.

regularize behavior by strict regimes, focus on seriousness company system, prompt all ansen people to obey all rules and regulations. it reflects on standard, sequencing and institutional company management.

create efficiency by flexible mechanism, focus on work efficiency, prompt all ansen people to work efficiently. build operational mechanism according to company rules, build effective incentive and restraint mechanisms, to improve efficiency of the company.

the management essence is a configuration procedure about people, value and material. the modern enterprises management enters into the people-oriented culture management stage. the culture management is a flexible management, emphasize that people is in a leading position on all the factors of production, follow the concept that each people is legal person.