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enterprise spirit

fulfill mission

missionmakes responsibility sacred, mission makes mortals accomplish great things; mission enhances the value of existence. each employee should treat company’s business as himself’ business. only the company obtains development, individual will have development. everyone should keep in mind the wisdom of "river water river dry" and enhance our value in our position.

pursuit of excellence

excellence is a goal, as long identified target, it is necessary perseverance. excellence is a state, only the pursuit of fine can bring excellence. excellence is a spirit, to yield brilliance. pursuit of excellence is the sense of mission dictates. we must dare to strive for excellence, but also to be good at the pursuit of excellence. we

should resist prejudice, improve short step and not be afraid of failure for the pursuit of excellence. 

spirit is intrinsic enrichment, intellectual melting, emotional transcendence. to make "fulfill mission in pursuit of excellence" as the spirit of ansen is advocating employees work hard from scratch, be bravery and entrepreneurship during company’s inception; advocating employees have dedication spirit of regardless of fatigue, work hard, overload in business development; advocating employees constantly strive for perfection, be devotion to job, and fight for the least bit of professionalism in business development; advocating employees be rigorous and meticulous, achieve victory from difficulties, have innovation spirit of changing decadence to the magic in business development.