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enterprise values

responsibility is commitment, obligation, consciousness, but also eternal mission and persistent pursuit. people will give up present since no responsibility. people will lose opportunity since neglect responsibility. people will destroy career since betray responsibility. it’s a display for responsibility, shoulder morality and justice. it’s a bursting for responsibility, contribution our blood to responsibility. responsibility is to cherish life, to rely others, to structure the social development. know reality and reinforce responsibility, it’s important to consciously practice. know reality and reinforce responsibility, it’s hard to get it. know reality and reinforce responsibility, it’s deep in mind.

all employees possess the business of our company. possess also means responsibility and commitment. maintain company benefit and overall developments are responsibility and commitment for all employees.

ansen is deeply in our mind.

the chinese nation is distinguished for its integrity. confucianism, with its rules of benevolence, justice, ceremony, wisdom, and credibility, binds people's behavior. behave base on be integrity is principle for our ansen people.

courtesy and honesty, is one of the basic social ethics “outline for carrying out citizen moral cultivation”.  it’s also the basic to exercise in virtue. in the market economy everybody expects integrity, appeal for integrity and cherish integrity. as the saying goes there is no integrity without reality.

integrity is the basis of all moral character and is the cornerstone for society to exist and develop.