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the development of ansen medical technology development co.,ltd

on december 27, the company won the demonstration enterprise of northwest furniture industrial park in 2019.

on october 15, the company held the launching ceremony of oa project, and the company's management level reached a new level.

on july 1, anxin medicine won the honor of lantian county advanced tax contribution unit and advanced party branch.

on june 17, 2019, the installation of stone materials for gate pillars of no. 1 and no. 2 courtyards was completed.

on june 6, 2019, a patent was applied for: (utility model patent certificate) a rapid head changer for medical electric saw.

on may 14, 2019, anxin medical power system tool was first exhibited at the 81st china international medical devices expo.

on may 7, 2019, a patent was applied for: (utility model patent certificate) reciprocating motion device of bone drill reciprocating saw.

on december 10, 2018, with the approval of the general trade union of huaxu town, lantian county, the trade union committee of shaanxi anxin medical technology development co., ltd. was established.

on november 16, 2018, the environmental impact assessment of anxin production plant and production line construction project was assessed by lantian environmental protection bureau and environmental assessment expert group.

on november 14, 2018, lantian huangtongya vice-premier huitong county economic and trade bureau visited bailuyuan production base and learned about the production and operation of enterprises.

on september 26, 2018, a branch committee of the cpc shaanxi anxin medical technology development co., ltd. was established.

on july 25, 2018, the training of trainers in the first batch of anxin medical company was successfully completed. there were five trainers in the first batch who were certified by the company.

on july 17, 2018, all staff of anxin medical research and development center were officially stationed in the factory.

on july 1, 2018, anxin medical alpha series polymer splints were officially shipped and sold.

on june 12, 2018, the product was inspected by huaxu food and drug administration of lantian county for its irregular product label.

in june 2018, anxin medical alpha series polymer splint launched its first campaign.

on april 19, 2018, the construction of the second floor of no. 2 workshop of bailuyuan production base was completed.

on april 9, 2018, anxin medical 3 tons polyurethane synthesis equipment was put into use.

on march 23, 2018, anxin medical 3 tons polyurethane synthesis equipment was put into trial operation.

on february 14, 2018, anxin medical manufacturing center completed all relocations from chang'an factory to bailuyuan production base.

on december 16, 2017, the general manager of the fund-raising campaign of lantian poverty alleviation and love supermarket donated 10,000 yuan on behalf of anxin medical college in shaanxi province.

december 2, 2017, the start-up date of bailuyuan production base of anxin medical manufacturing center.

on september 26, 2017, the first floor office area of bailuyuan production machine research and development center was renovated.

on september 24, 2017, two splint machines, two bandage machines and one 2000 liter reactor were installed.

on september 23, 2017, the natural gas pipeline of no. 2 hospital of bailuyuan production base began to be laid.

on august 28, 2017, the first batch of personnel stationed in anxin medical manufacturing center entered bailuyuan production base.

on august 8, 2017, two customized splint machines and two bandage machines were completed and put into use in bailuyuan production base.

on march 11, 2017, the greening project of no. 2 courtyard of bailuyuan production base began.

on march 1, 2017, the research and development project of anxin medical power system was approved by the conference of the company's management center, and the first phase of research and development began to be implemented.

in 2016, the annual sales of anxin medical company exceeded 60 million yuan, and the sales of products increased by 39.6% year on year. the products are exported to 46 countries overseas, and the international market share is as high as 45%.

on november 2, 2016, anxin medicine participated in ep international electricity exhibition. it lays a foundation for the opening of the international market of anxin's new product "liruo armored belt".

in august 2016, anxin medical bailuyuan production base was completed in an all-round way. it integrates advanced manufacturing, technological research, modern logistics and ecological environment. it covers an area of 30,000 square meters, of which 15,000 square meters are built and 10 million bags are designed annually.

in july 2016, anxin medical established the network extension department.

on february 20, 2016, anxin medical company completed the purchase of land and ground buildings in no. 2 hospital of new factory.

on october 14, 2015, anxin medical co. participated in the 10th shanghai international electric power equipment and technology exhibition (epshanghai 2015) and formally entered the power market.

on march 21, 2015, anxin medical participated in the 21st dusseldorf (new delhi, india) international medical exhibition, which aimed at india, the world's second most populous country, to understand the actual needs of the indian market, to make sincere business partners, and to serve india's 1.1 billion people.

on march 20, 2015, anxin medical research and development center was formally established to build a core technology competition team that constantly breaks through innovation and deep research.

on march 16, 2015, anxin medical company officially launched online shopping mall, which realized the functions of pc terminal, mobile phone and underground order at any time. the procedure is convenient, easy to operate, time-saving and labor-saving. the company's informationization process has reached a new level.

on august 11, 2014, anxin medical participated in the miami exhibition, usa. the business model of the international business department changed from a single network to a comprehensive exhibition-based investment.

on july 30, 2014, anxin medical erp project started, marking the company from traditional management to information management.

on march 20, 2014, anxin medical west industrial park was built with a construction area of 6500 square meters and a total height of 6 floors. a modern environmental protection workshop integrating production, storage and r&d was built.

on december 31, 2013, there were more than 1200 national agents of anxin medical company, with effective radiation in remote mountainous hospitals.

on march 10, 2013, anxin medical company adjusted its organizational structure to form "four centers and eight departments", with a total staff of more than 300, to complete the internal transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

on february 10, 2012, the second five-year development plan was adopted by the general manager of anxin medical college. the company insisted on taking new materials for orthopaedic external fixation, orthopaedic consumables, r&d and production as its main technical research and development direction, and the company's new product r&d project was officially launched.

on may 18, 2011, anxin medical company purchased nearly 7000 square meters of industrial land in the western furniture industrial park and planned to build an area of 20000 square meters.

on june 6, 2010, anxin medical polymer bandage products were successfully registered in indian management.

on december 28, 2009, anxin medical established the international business department to expand its international trade business.

on december 25, 2009, there were more than 200 distributors in anxin medical china, 2166 hospitals in china and 15 countries and regions in europe, america and asia abroad.

on september 1, 2008, anxin medical polymer splint formally received orders for sale.

on march 1, 2008, anxin medical polymer bandage officially received orders for sale.

on december 5, 2007, anxin medical polymer bandage and splint production equipment line was opened and put into production.

on june 6, 2007, anxin medical polymer bandage and splint production project laid the foundation and began construction.

on february 20, 2003, anxin medical technology development co., ltd. was registered and established to devote itself to the design, development and sale of high-tech medical equipment.